5 Best Baby Monitor for Breathing

Some baby breathing monitors are simple and show more function. Best breathing monitors give parents peace of mind, but it depends on the functions of the monitor.

The first thing to finding the best baby breathing monitor is you find the many types that work according to your requirement. A breathing monitor makes keeping an eye on your baby, breathing a breeze.

Some baby monitors also use wake-up technology that has a vibration to encourage your baby to breathe first. Somehow, the breathing monitor also makes an alarm, which is very helpful for the parents.

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1. Sense- U Baby Monitor | Best Baby Monitor for Travel


Monitor your Baby’s Breathing:

For a mother, it is important to know that the breathing rate of your baby then the best breathing monitor helps to detect the breathing movement of your baby’s abdomen and as well as also alerts you about the weak breathing rate of the baby.

This monitor uses an alarm that helps to tell you about the sleeping time of your baby and also their breathing rate during sleeping.

During sleeping, if the breathing rate is slow or fast, then it also helps to detect the parents about the breath if the alarm notification is on. It also offers to use a keypad that you carry within you and know about your baby.

 Measuring Body Temperature

Quality is also in the baby breathing monitor to know about the body temperature of your baby, which is necessary for a mother. The threshold is used in the baby monitor that helps to alert you about the change in temperature as a cold body or overheating.

Another function in it is it prevents your baby from overheating and a cold body by the alerts which are used to change according to body temperature.

Notify You About Stomach Sleeping

When your baby is in a sleeping position and notifies you when your baby rolls over onto their stomach. It helps as when you sleep at night, then you observe your baby from another room without any difficulty and also an alarm which helps to tell you when your baby changes aside.

High Range Bluetooth Connection

You don’t worry about that when you are far from your baby then you need high-range access to observe your baby then it provides this facility.

It has a good Bluetooth connection which gives you a good connection as your baby sleeps and you work in the kitchen or study room then it connects you with a monitor. It helps to reconnect automatically when you change the place.

If you work away from your baby, then you need a baby monitor, which helps to know about the breathing rate within your baby’s other performance? Your best choice is to use the Sense U monitor for your baby that helps keep an eye on the baby to see the breathing rate.

The quality of the sense U baby monitor is high and shows good performance as it also gives an increased range of Bluetooth, which helps to keep alert your baby.

The baby monitor uses a high-performance sensor, which informs you about your baby’s breathing rate as your baby sleeps and notifies you if there is no found movement in your baby.

The best thing about it is that it is easily attached to your baby cloth and detached from the cloth as it is easy to use and simple. Sence-You is a safe breathing monitor for your baby and also less in weight as to carry easily during travel


Portable device.

Easy to travel.

User friendly.

Good wifi connection


Little Expensive

False alarm.

Personal opinion

As it is necessary to know the breathing rate of the newborn baby, then I recommended you choose the Sense-U baby breathing monitor because it gives information about the baby’s breathing as well as temperature.

It is also a portable device that you carry easily and then attach or detach from the cloth of the baby.

2. Angelcare 3-in-1 AC 337 Baby Monitor | Best Affordable Baby Monitor


Safe, No Contact Technology:

 The priority of a mother is to save your baby as your baby feels comfortable and relaxed. The angel care baby monitor is safe for your baby because the sensor pad is placed under the baby’s matters and does not touch any electronic device to the sensitive skin of your baby.

Independent Baby Monitor

Most baby monitors need to be attached with the Smartphone or with wifi but when you need a baby monitor for the full time, you need an independent baby monitor. This healthy baby monitor is an independent baby monitor with no need to connect with a Smartphone or any device.

No False Alarm

This baby monitor has an alarm that only sounds if your baby shows movement. An Angel care baby monitor gives you relaxation time without any distraction and helps to save your time.

When you need a baby monitor which gives you facility more than price gives audio, video, and breathing movement at an affordable price. You need to choose the Angel care baby monitor, which gives you more facilities as you want to get.

This baby breathing monitor helps to know about the baby’s breathing every 20 seconds as if your baby shows no movement; then the alarm will sound.

You do not need to attach the monitor with your baby’s clothes as it has no electronic device to touch the sensitive skin of your baby.

It is mostly called the 3-in-1 baby monitor because it gives you the facility of video, audio, and breathing movement at the same time. It has a temperature indicator and low camera, which help to detect the temperature of the room and also give a sharp picture of your baby both day and night.


Good video quality.

Safe for babies.

Affordable price.

No need for any device.


Low battery timing.

Narrow camera range.

Personal opinion

In my opinion, if you want to get audio, video, and breathing detection in one device, then the Angel care baby monitor is the best choice for you. It is safe for your baby because there is no need to touch your baby, but it is not suitable for travel because the battery timing is low.

3. Miko Smart Baby Monitor | Best Two-way Baby Monitor


Safe and Secure

A baby monitor is best if it is secure for your baby as it gives a safe environment to your baby and also helps to get good sleep.

The Miko Smart Baby Monitor is safe for babies as it only depends on the matters and allows capturing every activity of your baby. As no need to attach the baby monitor with the clothes of the baby.

Contact Free

You require a contact-free baby monitor because some baby monitors which have contact with the skin of the baby cause irritation or skin allergy. So that the Miko Smart baby monitor has no contact as there are no wires, pad, clips, or any belt which comes in contact with your baby body.

HD Video and Sound:

When you want to see your baby completely, then a clear video is necessary, which helps to control your baby every time. Miko is a breathing monitor for babies which gives you a clear sound and video on your Smartphone.

It gives you HD video which covers every corner of your baby’s room and also a clear sound as the breathing and sleep sound of your baby.

A mother wants to save your baby and also tries to keep an eye on your baby, then she must try to choose the best baby breathing monitor for your baby. As the Miko baby monitor gives the best HD video and also photos which you require to see your baby.

It connects with the Smartphone and also needs wifi to detect the baby’s breathing and also gives you a video to observe the sleeping pattern as well as nursery conditions.


Easy installation

Secure for babies

Two-way audio

Simple packaging


Not constant in detection

Personal opinion

In my opinion, Miku smart baby monitors are best for sleeping and also detect the noise as the sleeping voice. It provides you with the best quality of video and pictures and also gives peace of mind for you. Sometimes it also breaks to detect the sound.

4. Owlet Smart sock 2 Baby Monitor


Know Your Baby okay

Being parents, you need to know about the activity of the baby as sleeping time and also breathing rate then Owlet baby monitor gives you the best information about the baby.

It detects the breathing rate as well as the oxygen level and heart rate, and if any problem in the breathing rate, then it shows on screen and alerts the parents.

Worry less And Sleep Best

Mothers worry about your baby as about the sleep and breathing rate; then she doesn’t get a good sleep. But this baby monitor allows you to take a good sleep as it makes an alarm and shows on the screen if your baby is disturbed.

It also uses light and notification on the screen if the oxygen level is too low. Parents take a good sleep without any anxiety and worry.


The Owlet smart baby monitor is very easy to use as it has three washable socks that easily wrap around the baby’s foot to connect to a base station under 100 ft as away from wires. The socks are fit for 0 to 18 months and 6 to 20 ponds and hand washable easily.

As parents, we know that you worry about the good and health care of your baby the Owlet smart sock 2 baby monitor helps you to watch your baby as it sleeps. It helps you to know the baby’s sleep and also you get a night of sleep better and less worry.

 The technology which is used in the smart baby monitor helps to detect the oxygen level and heart rate of your baby. It also uses a base station where the baby monitor shares the information if something is wrong.


Detect the oxygen level

Easy to use

Light as a baby disturbs

Give comfortable sleep


Stuck the app.

Move the baby then lose signal

Personal opinion

I recommended you to buy the owlet smart baby monitor as it helps to detect the breath rate as well as oxygen level. It is very easy to use and set up. It doesn’t harsh your baby as no anybody contacts and high range also.

5. Snuza Go | Best Portable Baby Monitor


Peace of Mind

The necessary thing for a mother to give the best care and sleep to the baby then gets peace of mind. So Sunza Go is best for the baby as it alerts you through alarm as when you sleep and you lose worry about the baby.

Small and Portable

The baby monitor is small as a clip with the diaper of your baby and a compact device that you carry easily without any difficulty. It is a lightweight device that’s why it is helpful during travel as you carry it easily from one place to another and observe your baby anywhere.

 Movement Indicator Light

Sun-go the best baby monitor for the baby as when the baby shows any movement then it alerts through the light, which helps to detect the disturbance of your baby. There are two different types of light as one when showing any movement and the other when the baby shows no movement.

Snuza Go is the best baby monitor for a newborn baby as it is mainly designed for the newborn baby’s breathing. It gives you more relaxation and also helps to sleep better to lose worry.

It is best for you as it attaches to the diaper as clips with it. The Sun go baby monitor is best for travel as it is lightweight, wireless, and portable. You easily carry it throughout the trip.


Lightweight and portable.

Give peace of mind.

Easy to set up.


False alarm, sleep on my stomach

Personal opinion

In my opinion, if you want to get a budget-friendly and portable device, then you need to try the Sunza go baby monitor. It helps to travel as long as it is lightweight to carry easily. It also gives you the opportunity to alarms and light when your baby disturbs or low oxygen level.


The baby breathing monitor is best to care about your baby as if the age of your baby is 0 to 18 months or 6 to 20 pounds in weight.

If you are busy in your daily routine, then you need to choose the best baby monitor to care for your baby. The best baby monitor is lightweight, portable, easy to set up, and also gives you good sleep as you don’t worry about your baby.

In my opinion, I suggest you to choose Sunza to go, which is very useful for your baby’s rest and sleep. It is a lightweight, portable, and small baby monitor. It alerts you through the alarms and light as it is very suitable for the newborn baby. It provides the opportunity to get good sleep and rest.

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