5 Best Baby Monitors for Twins in 2024

There are few considerations that you must keep in mind before you buy a monitor. It can help you maximize the benefits of monitors and make your life much easier.

SeriesProduct NameCheck Price
1.Infant optics XDR-8Check Price
2.VAVA 720p 5” HD DisplayCheck Price
3.VTech VM321-2Check Price
4.Babysense Video MonitorCheck Price
5.Eufy Security baby monitorCheck Price

1. Infant optics XDR-8 | Best budget baby monitor


Here five best features of DXR-8 optics which is discussed here:

Ultra-clear Video Quality

DXR-8 has high-resolution power then the video is clear and clean. Video playback is in 720p high (HD) resolution which helps to see details even you put the camera unit is for away from the bassinet.

Active noise reduction:

The noise reduction is the main factor that is helpful to you to hear your baby.DXR-8 helps to activate to reduce background noises as it filters the sounds from fans, air purifies, air conditioners, and more.

Optical zoom with digital zoom: 

This product offers digital zoom to see picture clear from a distance as seen from anywhere. A switch between the zoom lens and wide range angle less to see closer or further.

Only viewable by you

DXR-8 doesn’t offer any internet connection means the video and audio signal only transmits to one monitor unit. Any other person cannot hack the baby monitor. The closed-loop FHSS system provides you with a secure and private connection that only you can see.

Affordable price

This product is available at low prices as afford easily by anyone with the best qualities.

Infant optics DXR-8 video baby monitor provides you 4 cameras that help you to keep an eye on your baby. The video quality is good on the DXR-8 that the picture is clear and is just like real life.

XDR-8 is the best and simplest option as it stands alone and also not requires wifi. It helps to communicate directly with your baby from the camera to the monitor.

When you travel then easy to carry as it is small, easy to pack, and no need for wifi to set up a new location so it is quite simple and effortless.

The camera automatically switches from day mode to night mode or other which requires. It is possible to swap up lenses, also zoom up the camera to see your baby from distance. The audio quality of DXR-8 is best to identify your little ones’ sounds as this is a neat feature.

Personal Opinion

In my opinion, DXR-8 is best to see your baby clearly and also from some distance. It is also helpful to hear your baby voice as crying in low voice due to audio reduction. But the range is low.

2. VAVA 720p 5” HD Display | Best baby monitor for travel


Picture quality

The picture quality on this baby monitor is so clear and sharp. It helps to rely on video baby monitors to help keep an eye on their babies and toddlers when they are sleeping. Ultra high definition quality of the picture is so sharp that’s why you can see even your baby breathing or chest movement on-screen.

Battery Timing

The VAVA baby monitoring has long battery timing because this 4500mAh rechargeable battery lasts for 12 hours in display mode and 24 hours with the display mode turned off for full monitoring of your baby. It provides 24 hours when audio-only and 10 hours when live screen.

Effortless Monitoring

VAVA baby monitor provides you easy monitoring as set up in only a few minutes. This product provides a 7-level sound volume for real-time care and you can change these sound volumes according to your requirement. It took less than five minutes to set up and ready to go in just 5 minutes or less.

Stable Wireless connection

This baby monitor delivers smooth video from anywhere in your house with a 480ft – 900ft range to always keep your little one in slight no matter if you are in the study room or kitchen.

VAVA baby monitor can connect four cameras and also scan view mode cameras every fifteen seconds. The camera can rotate in any side as left or right, and also zoom in the long-range.

The camera has two functions: scan view and split view, scan view mode can help to transfer the sounds of each camera but can’t see every camera but split-view mode can see every camera but can’t transfer the sounds of every camera.

This baby monitor also provides an 18-month warranty and 12 months free extension for VAVA baby monitor. It is a full-color display and range of motion is useful.

The night vision mode is a black and white photo so that pictures and sound are much better than the infant optics unit. It has a great range of sound and signals as it reaches far away because it connects with wifi.

Personal Opinion

In my opinion, this product has good picture quality as clear and sharp to see your baby. The picture also zooms in any range as far away when your baby. It is best to adjust sound and also has the best battery timing. But sometimes the sound level is low and not helps you to wake up.

3. VTech VM321-2 | Best multiple color camera monitor

Best sound quality:

VM321-2 is the best monitor to detect the baby voice because in which uses DECT 6.0 digital technology which eliminates background sound, noise and prevents interferences, and ensuring a crystal clear transmission. So that the only voice you able to listen to is your baby voice. It has 6 levels of sound which are adjusted according to the situation. 

Camera lens

The camera lens of VM321-2 is adjustable which makes it easy to choose the viewing angle that works best for you to see your baby. It also has 5 different play melodies as when you change your angle or place then also adjust according to your choice.

Wall Mountable

This baby monitor shows the property of wall-mountable which means that build in the cord storage compartment for baby. This property also helps to change the position of the camera quickly so your baby is always full of your view.

This baby monitor is great for any nest as it allows you to hear and see your child’s every breath from any room. The best feature like a talk-back intercom unit and secure transmission which help to connect with the baby.

So you can rest assured your little one is safe and sound.VM321-2 has 1 parent unit as a monitor and two baby units as cameras.

The battery timing is good to some extent as it is not used for a long period. Few points are necessary to keep set the parent unit as the temperature drops below or rises above your customized zone, the link between the parent unit and baby unit is lost and also the rechargeable battery is low.

It has also shown high resolution, a 4.3-inch color LCD screen up to 100 feet of range, soothing sounds, and soothing lullabies.

Personal Opinion

In my opinion, the VTech VM321-2 baby monitor is the best baby monitor for sound and also videos. The sound level is six which helps to listen to your baby to adjust them and also the video quality is good. A two-way talk system also introduces in this baby monitor but the picture quality is not good at daytime but mostly at night.

4. Babysense Video Monitor

High Definition power

This baby monitor has a 720 HD  image on the large 5″ LCD provides crystal clear secure viewing. It also a remote control baby monitor to enjoy this feature the remote control convince with pan(350), tilt (70), and double zoom at a 960ft range. The HD screen is crystal clear. So that helps to see your baby.

Battery life

The battery timing of this baby monitor is great because which high range of the battery is used as 500mgh. This battery timing gives relief for 12 to 14 hours if not plugged the charger in it.

Easy to Assemble

The assembling of the 5-HD baby monitor is easy because the instruction manual is very clearly written and gives step by step instructions. As when turn it on the baby monitor and the 2 cameras are already paired up then only some extra cameras are paired up with it according to your choice which is very easy for anyone.

Babysense Video Monitor have different properties as a good video monitor or camera system that includes pans, tits, and zoom by remote control at a reasonable price. This camera also shows HD quality, clear picture, and monitors features are amazing.

This product also includes a 1-year warranty and super easy to set everything because the camera and monitor come already paired. It is also adjustable for wall mountable. The most impressive thing is that the night vision is as clear as a daytime view. 

Personal Opinion

According to my opinion, a 5-HD baby monitor is best for clear image and video as a large HD screen. It has two cameras as used in two different rooms 2 additional cameras also connect with this monitor. The sound quality is not best as the maximum value is also low on the monitor.

5. Eufy Security baby monitor


Crystal Clarity

The screen is big and clear. It is a large 5″ 720P video baby monitor display shows a sharp picture. In this baby monitor, the change is a big screen to see your baby deeply not to be confused. It is also used lens which fits in it and rotates or changes in any angle to get a sharp and clear picture.

Two Way audio

 This baby monitor provides you two-way audio because in which the built-in microphone and speaker give you direct communication with your baby even if you are in any place in the home. 

Every Corner cover

This baby monitor has two cameras but also connect four cameras to one monitor. The monitor will automatically cycle between each view giving you complete coverage of your baby environment. The Eufy security works well for small babies.

No need for Wifi

This baby monitor is best for the choice as that when you have no access to wifi for every time. It boasts that eufy security is the first monitor that requires no installation out of the box.

This baby monitor is the best when requires a large screen for the baby. The screen is very large as a 5″720p display shows a sharp picture with 10 times more detail than an ordinary 240p display baby monitor.

In this monitor, you can see more than 87 percent so you see all views. This baby monitor has a wide-angle lens as no need to purchase another lens.

When your baby starts to walk and run around, just attach the extra lens to expand the view to 110 degrees. This monitor also gives the whole coverage to see corner to corner.

Personal Opinion

In my opinion, a eufy security baby monitor is best and helpful for small babies as to see all the activities of a baby from anywhere of home. It is a very good choice for travel. This baby monitor is not helpful to reduce the backspace noise like a fan or cooler.

These features are discussed in the following section.


Your camera is your control room ideally. So you must have an access to your camera so that you can control it according to your desire. Your monitor must be capable of moving the angle of your camera especially when your twins are sharing the same room for sleeping. The highest quality of the camera ensures a high definition picture, helping you monitor more naturally.

Infrared Night Vision

Many cameras drop the quality of pictures when the lights are out. So you must try to buy a monitor with cameras having infrared night vision feature in it. It helps to maintain your monitoring even if it is dark in the room or lights get out.

Signals and Range

If you live in a big house or you go to the backyard, then you might get trouble in monitoring because of the poor signal range. consider how far you have to move from your twins and the area of your house. A long-range monitoring unit can help you solve this problem and you can move freely within a large area.

Battery Timings

Low battery timings can consume your time in charging the unit again and again. So always look for good battery timing gadgets so that you can monitor your babies without wasting your time in charging.

Reliability and Durability

Parents are always ready to have some bumps and unpleasant events in the rooms of toddlers. So buying a non-reliable product may not be an affordable idea. make sure that your monitor is stubborn enough to cope up with some bumps and fragile events.


Considering the cost is also important as becoming the parents of twins may have already skyrocketed your budget. But buying a low quality and cheap monitor can take your peace of mind and may not give you freedom. So investment in high quality, best-featured monitoring camera can save your time, energy, and peace of mind.

Additional Features

If your monitor has some extra features of sending you a crying alert in the form of a buzzer or lights on, it can help you get more in touch with the babies. Temperature indication of too hot or cold can also be a useful extra feature. Moreover, two-way communication can also help to soothe your baby with your voice


In the end, I recommend the VAVA 720p 5 HD baby monitor to use for your baby due to the feature as the picture quality is sharp. It shows great battery timing and sound quality also good as 7 types of sound quality. The sound quality helps to listen to only the baby voice so that prevent other noise. 

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