10 Best Baby Walking Shoes

If your kid is starting to cruise confidently and independently, it might be the time to buy the best baby walking shoes. The best toddler gear is the mode of entertainment, learning, and motivation, and source to inspire your baby to get confidence.

When little champs try to learn walking and to stand without any support, just right for the bear arms that even sometimes they get out of control.

Being a parent you are answerable whatever happened to your baby so be careful during the early grown-up phase. The toddler’s first shoes should be ones that have soft soles, breathable material, and room to move and grow.

Baby’s feet are fragile and delicate so the footwear should be lightweight, comfy, flexible, with a strong grip, and well balanced.

Becoming an independent walker is itself the biggest way your baby will make it, so  The footwear needs to feel comfortable, be easy to stay on, and designed specifically to support the shape of baby feet with a cute and adorable design that can suit with any tiny outfit.

Apart from that, it’s up to your own individual preference. To attain maximum benefits through your best walking shoes it is really important to know the requirements and needs of your offspring. You will be unable to buy the first “real” pair of shoes without knowing what type, style, and size are suitable for your baby. so stay with us.

Check it out below to learn what to look for when you’re on the hunt for the best baby walking shoes, our visionary and talented team conducted in-depth research and did productive interviews with experienced parents, child expert’s, doctors and manufacturers to get a range of top brands and different styles available in the markets.

This article will help you to get the right recommendations for baby’s first pair that you may love to get your hands on. Also, the best buyer’s guide waiting for you.

For getting advantages of your favorite ones, you must read the pros and cons that make it an easy way to pick the right one. we’ve rounded up the 10 best walking shoes reviews for beginning walkers so let’s start:

Sure! Here is the table with the requested information:

SeriesProduct NameCheck Price
1.Baby Deer High Walking ShoesCheck Price
2.Adidas Kids’ SneakerCheck Price
3.Adidas Unisex-Kid’s ShoesCheck Price
4.Cinder’sToddler Squeaky SandalsCheck Price
5.Meckior’s Baby Canvas SneakersCheck Price
6.Josmo Kids’ Unisex ShoesCheck Price
7.HsdsBebe Baby Boys Girls Pu Leather Walking SneakersCheck Price
8.See Kai Run’s Stevie II SneakersCheck Price
9.Stride Rite Kids’ Soft Motion Atley Mary Jane Flat shoesCheck Price
10.RVROVIC Baby Boys Girls Shoes Canvas Toddler SneakersCheck Price

1. Baby Deer High Walking Shoes | Best First Walking Shoes


  • The chalk white-colored body with brown oak colored sole gives a more classic look to the wearer.
  • Structured with 100% pure Leather
  • Its heel height is 1⁄2 in weight 4 oz shaft 3 for size 6 so you can get according to your baby size.
  • Soles are stitched snugly and finely with high-quality thread that ensures its durability
  • The crepe rubber outsole is highly flexible and safe to prevent slipping on the floors by its grainy designed down the surface.
  • Leather linings and footbed.
  • Ample inner space for comfortable walking.
  • Lace-up closure for a secure fit.

The baby deer walking shoe is the sassiest footwear for your little champ. The baby walker has a style that is incredibly chic and effortless to latch on to the little feet. The pure leather contours its overall shape, high top style gives efficient ankle support and lace-up closure for a secure fit.

Moreover, The crepe rubber outsole is synthetically made pliable, and high tensile properties provide safe walking and help the baby to keep a strong grip on the floor. Fortunately, the sole has a grainy down surface that works as friction to prevent slipping on tiles or shiny floors. 

Expert’s Opinion

The toddler’s baby deer boots are cute and adorable. Its leather is totally pure and well-made baby walkers. They do run larger than actual size. You will be very pleased with them as in just a short amount of time wearing them. The little chipmunks look beautiful and you can style them with some nudes or neutral colored outfits.

2. Adidas Kids’ Sneaker | Soft Baby Shoes for Walking


  • Genuine Leather upper with 70’s sport style with a round toe to live the past.
  • Lace-up closure styling for a secure fit
  • Soft breathable plush lining with Cloudfoam Comfort sock liner
  • Cushioned collar and tongue for an easy fast run
  • The vulcanized rubber outsole is flexible and helps to prevent slipping and better walking experience.
  • Removable cushioned insole
  • adidas® branding details that have iconic three signature stripes delivers in customized colors
  • Fine seamlines
  • The sole is stitched snugly with high-quality thread

hoe game. Its timeless vogue gives you a vibe of the past and moves them into the future. These shoes are super comfortable with a kicky walking experience with a round toe…incredibly, the shoe’s upper side is crafted with smooth genuine leather.

The luxury midsole cushioning gives comfort to every step. The vulcanized rubber outsole has high tensile strength plus it provides better walk. its lace-up closure gives a style with a secure and safe fit and hugs your feet snugly.

Additionally, The sneakers also feature soft breathable lining with Cloudfoam Comfort sock liner that prevents itching and pain, especially in summers. The Cushioned collar and tongue are offered for complete ankle support and helps in fast running.

To boot, the durable and comfortable kid’s sneakers have adidas® branding details like it is designed with Signature 3-Stripes to flash along the sides. And are available in different colors like pink or neutrals.

Expert’s Opinion

One of the top brands delivering you stunning pairs of sneakers for your toddler available in the market. They fit well with room to grow and Very good for walking. It also has ample space for easy wear and fit for a fast run.

3. Adidas Unisex-Kid’s Shoes |Best Rated Baby Walking Shoes


  • Rubber pods outsoles provides secure traction
  • Adidas® branding details that have iconic three signature stripes deliver in customized colors
  • An easier slip on to wear shoe, Adidas offers Tongue stripe with pull loop
  • Rear pull loop
  • Cushioned tongue and cushioned collar
  • They also come with optional laces so you can remove the stretchy laces and use them as tie shoes.
  • Removable cushioned insole
  • Two-tone ballistic nylon for adventures
  • Cushioned rear pull tab
  • A soft interior Fabric lining
  • Also offers Cloudfoam midsole for superior fit and shock absorption

The cloudfoam racer shoes are opulent and kickup footwear that is perfectly suitable for the wild adventures, any long metered race or wall climbing, etc. as its name shows the cloud foam cushioning provides dazzling relief and super adjustment. Endlessly superb, light and young and never feel heavy soles, rubbing seams, or chapped heels.

The two-tone ballistic nylon upper is sturdy, durable, and hard. The shoes also feature Cushioned tongue and cushioned collar, removable cushioned insole. Its soft fabric lining for a soft feel to the wearer.

 In kids’ Cloudfoam sneakers, and suitable for running even your new shoe is guaranteed to feel comfortable and look fresh in any setting.

In addition, these sneakers feature lightweight rubber pods outsoles provide secure traction, Cloudfoam midsoles for superior comfort and shock absorption, and cushioning Memory Foam insoles.

Adidas Kids’ Cloudfoam shoes feature knit uppers, tongue pulls and heel straps which makes it easier to wear and plush cushioning to stand and to walk.

Also, it feels soft and energetic while jogging. Designed to fit boys and girls, there is an unlimited range of versatile colorways, from black to navy blue to energetic magenta.

Expert’s Opinion

it is assuredly plush, comfortable, and soft. The colors look great and the material looks superb. It is also worth the price. I definitely, recommend this to everyone. These kids’ shoes show a trail-runner influence and an advanced product for wild adventures.

4. Cinder’sToddler Squeaky Sandals| Best Shoes for Beginner Walkers


  • Synthetic leather
  • Flexible rubber made up outsole
  • A removable squeaker: a model of restoration, inspiration, amusement, and motivation.
  • A Closed toe shoe that prevents slipping over the feet
  • Easy velcro closure strap for better fitment
  • Outsole surface has engraved alphabets that enhances friction

The cinder’s squeaky sandals are a big source of restoration, amusement, and witty for your wobbly child. The fun shoes are styled especially for the little beginners.

Its exciting feature is the removable squeaker, show e always whistles while your baby takes steps. It is a delightful moment not only for your baby but also for you.

In the same vein, The sandals are also a mode of confidence, ability to start walking, and motivation for the little one. Whenever you got irritated by the continuous squeaking of baby shoes … you can remove them easily and store them carefully especially out of reach of children, it can be hazardous. 

It is a high time for little champs to learn to walk properly. So, the sound of squeaker is a source of inspiration and motivation that stimulates the baby to walk correctly from heel to toe.

In addition, the non-skid outsole is sturdy, flexible with high tensile strength made up of rubber for the strong floor grip, and gives safety and protection. And also prevents slipping.

Thanks to The fun shoes that also play a role if your baby is lost in any hassle or at a public place you can easily find him/her by following the squeaker sound. Moreover, the easy velcro closure strap gives proper fitment ease in the walk.

Expert’s Opinion

The squeaky shoes are incredibly styled with the typical shape of sandals but a little bit changes created by manufacturers according to the needs of the baby wearers. It can be the best part of your baby’s childhood and he will adore his shoes’ aftermath. It is highly recommended because these are true to their size.

5. Meckior’s Baby Canvas Sneakers |Best Shoes for New Walker


  • An anti-collision design
  • Designed with breathable canvas skin
  • A wide range Available in light-toned and pastel colors
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole
  • Easily put on and easily put off due to elastic band
  •  the polka dots on the bottom of the sole to enhance friction.

The Meckior’s baby canvas sneakers are delicate, appealing, and winsome that are chiefly chosen for your fragile and adorable infant. The canvas sneakers are offered an unlimited range of versatile colorways, moreover in different contrasts. These can be precious gifts with the matching outfits.

The sneakers are chiefly made up of breathable canvas skin that prevents any stimulation or prevents itching to the delicate skin.

Moreover, it features slip-resistant rubber soles that are highly protective and safe. And, easy wear is a plus for the parents, an elastic band makes it easy to put on and put off the boots. Anti-Collision design provides more protection for the baby’s feet.

Expert’s Opinion

These are adorbs, cute, and soft!! If you want to spend on chucks that they’ll grow out of so quickly…this is the shoe to buy! Your baby will get compliments all the time on his/her shoes and someone even wants too. We highly recommend it! 

6. Josmo Kids’ Unisex  Shoes | Best Pre Walking Shoes


  • Bootie’s body made up with 100% leather
  • Hard and stiff bottom
  • High ankled
  •  Lace-up closure for a secure fit

Convention and vogue have collided in the incredible footwear which is an obvious mode for toddlers to learn how to walk. These groovy shoes are high ankled with Lace-up closure for a secure fit.

Firstly, its classic high ranked look makes it irresistible for parents and effortlessly gets along with any nude or neutral outfits.

The pure leather skin has been used for inner lining and out plus the solid and sturdy sole also made with 100% quality leather. Adding more, to support the right walking gait the sole bottom is designed flat. There is a wide range of colors lined up for you

Expert’s Opinion

The josmo kids’ shoes are worth the price and fit bigger which is good. The support is what you need from hard bottoms and the child starts standing up within a day. the comfort level of standing became easier.

7. HsdsBebe Baby Boys Girls Pu Leather Walking Sneakers


  • High-quality Pure Leather upper
  • Polyester cushioning inner lining
  • Hand sewed the textured body
  • Hook and loop closure
  • A wide toe
  •  multicolored animal cartoons crafted with great effort
  • Sturdy and textured bottom enhance a strong floor grip

This company has recently launched the baby walking sneakers they are highly committed to providing you cost-effective, breathable, and comfortable shoes that your baby will be happier by wearing these cute booties and also plays a role as an incentive for them for learning to walk more efficiently and correctly.

These booties are hand sewed that’s why it looks textured and feels comfortable, breathable. The polyester lining has been used for sweat absorption and to give your baby a soft touch like mommy.

Its construction is highly comfortable and durable. The pure leather is an iconic feature that makes the sneakers more awful and classic. The cheerful multi-colored cartoons crafted on the toes are incredibly cute and pretty.

The bottoms are designed Soft, Lightweight, and Sturdy, and the inner space of shoes is ample to put on and put off the little feet and enough for the growth of feet.

In addition, Hook and Loop straps closure gives an easy snug fit and prevents falls off. shoes are greatly suitable for whole year seasons.

Expert’s Opinion

The shoes are great milestones for the new walkers it also helps play outside little games. The best choice for the baby with chubby feet because of its cute wider toes. And also a cost-effective product with detailed miniature work.

8. See Kai Run’s Stevie II Sneakers


  • The upper body made up of canvas that is long-lasting and protective.
  • Rubber sole that gives high traction and high tensile strength
  • Engineered to promote durability for early steps.
  • Breathable sock liner conforms to a healthy foot climate.
  • An adjustable hook-and-loop strap allows for a secure fit.
  •  Wide and generous toes to wiggle and provide room for healthy foot development.
  • Wide range of pretty floral prints

These sneakers are well engineered and have enormous designing to deliver you a high standard feature which should be in trainer footwear.

So, first of all, we will talk about a marvelous design that is great inside out. The outside body made up of canvas and inside lining is filled up with soft polyester to make comfy and breathable wear.

The rubber outsole has high tensile strength with super traction for proper running and playing.  An Adjustable hook & loop strap gives a secure fit.

For your wobbly kid shoe has enough Wider toe that lets the foot grow and also allows toes to wiggle and build muscle strength. And last but not the least, breathable sock liner to promote healthy foot climate.

Expert’s Opinion

They are highly comfortable for little kids who want to play and walk independently, and it is really exciting for the little ones to put them on.we think these are so cute.

And they are versatile and match nearly anything. Even you will definitely want to keep buying this pattern in every size as they grow! Highly recommended if you are looking for sturdy and supportive shoes for your kiddo. 

9. Stride Rite Kids’ Soft Motion Atley Mary Jane Flat shoes


  • 100% pure Leather that signifies its durability and strength
  • Synthetic sole
  • Memory foam insole for super comfort
  • To minimize the chances of stumbling or falling it features rounded edges all around the body
  • For promoting natural movement there are prominent deep flex grooves
  • An adjustable hook & loop strap for easy on/off
  • Antimicrobial treatment to reduce sweat odor in summers

The stride rite shoes are highly committed to giving you some different qualities that definitely meet your needs about the better development of your child. These shoes are well designed to help children gain confidence, make possible the impossible, and enjoy every little moment of life.

These durable footwears are so comfortable because of its pure leather construction and have sturdy, frictional, synthetic and a memory foam soles for super comfort. 

Furthermore, it’s all over around edges that are worthy of decreasing the danger of stumbling or falling on the floor. The bottom of the sole has deep flex grooves that promote easy movements and smooth walk.

For a healthy foot climate and preventing sweat odor, these shoes have an antimicrobial treatment in its inner lining. For easily put on and off there are an adjustable hook and loop strap.

Expert’s Opinion

The quality is fabulous! The colors are vibrant, the insole is soft as a cloud and the outer sole is firm. The fastener is velcro. The rubber used for the outer sole also gives quite a bit of traction; it’s not slippery even on the tile. They look so comfortable. Very worth the price!

10. RVROVIC Baby Boys Girls Shoes Canvas Toddler Sneakers


  • The canvas structured upper body
  • A flexible rubber non-skid outsole
  • An elastic ankle band makes it easy to put on and off plus it keeps the shoe stay on feet
  • The anti-slip sole has great floor grip and well-crafted, lightweight and soft\
  • The sole bottom has a grainy texture

The canvas sneakers are back again with the typical design and most wanted product. These are sturdy, durable, lightweight, and reasonable to the cost.

It feels soft and comfortable for little learners. The main body of shoes is structured with canvas with a flexible and strong grip outsole with great traction.

In addition, the grainy texture of the bottom makes it anti-slipping so you can call it protective and safe. An elastic ankle band makes it easy to put on and off plus it keeps the shoe stay on feet. It also promotes the baby’s feet growth.

Expert’s Opinion

The iconically styled sneakers are old fashioned but still classics. These are reasonable and can be bought in a bulk with multi-colors to choose which can match different occasions, indoor, outdoor, party. One-color for one mood.Highly recommended as first walking shoes.

Buying Guide | How to Choose the Best Baby Walking Shoes

After reviewing top brands and multiple styles of walking shoes it can be a daunting and crucial but most important task to pick the right one that has all good features of the best walking shoes to entertain your needs. So get prepared to read up on all buying guide factors that should be considered for picking the right toddler’s gear.

Right style

To get free from any accidental injuries you should buy flat feet. Toddlers are fragile and their muscles and bones are under development so choose the flat soles and avoid high ankle shoes. It will help them to enhance muscle strength and strong bone developments.

Right size

To attain the right shoe size according to foot size is a major factor as well as achievement. so firstly measure the tiny feet by an authentic method then check the size, shape, ankle, and toe sizes of the shoe. Accurate size enables the baby to get easy and comfortable enough. Even the shoe should have ample inner space for easy movement of feet.

Right Outsole and insole

Choosing the right outsole and insole is an important factor while checking its construction. You can check its flexibility, quality of material, and grip of the sole by bending the toe of the shoe up about 40 degrees easily. Look for a shoe with good traction to help keep the baby on her feet.

Materials like Non-Skid leather or rubber soles, rubber sole is more accurate for great flexibility, non-slipping, and tipping that promotes safety from falling even on the tiles gives excellent grip and textured bottom of sole enhances friction in between shoe and floors.

Right inner lining (padding)

Baby walking shoes should be softly padded all around the shoes especially from the heel backs and around the ankles to minimize rubbing, and on the bottom inside for comfort and to decrease pain or itching for longer use especially in summers. Soft polyester padding is more preferable.

Right construction material

The outer material of the shoe is the main body so it should be comfortable, breathable, soft, and made from high-quality material. Avoid cheap materials. It’s so important that your child’s feet can breathe so that purpose 100% pure leather material is preferable.

Must check inner breathable linings and upper shoes made from the softest, high-quality leather, which will mold to their feet contours. The soft and breathable material is responsible for the lesser health issues and lowers the chances of sweating and suffocation.

Extra secure closures

The securing closures of baby’s shoes should have a strong grip that ensures an optimal grip neither too tight that the feet get hurt or walking gets painful nor too loose that they come off on their own, especially once they start walking.

Fastening materials are multiple it can be laces, Velcro or straps, be sure your baby walking shoes are easy for you to get on baby’s feet In other words, the fasteners should be easy-on, are easy-off.

Adorable design, animations, and sweet colors

Children get attracted by sharp and sweet colors and they get happier if cute and pretty animated cartoons are crafted on their favorite shoes. So choose the right color ranges according to their gender, matching outfits, and their choice.

Usually, they love flowers, butterflies, animals in their shoes. Maybe their adorable shoes are the only motivation, through this, they can learn to walk more efficiently. So their likes, dislikes should be your first priority.

Most importantly.. fun and amusement

Your active little toddler seeks and learns more with his cutest and prettiest shoes in their tiny feet. Especially when they have any fun shoes in their wardrobe like squeaky sandals that are more entertaining and amusing for them.

They walk more accurately while their sandals squeak with every step. Above all, their favorite shoes which are close to their heart will assuredly adore them and wear them frequently to walk independently.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the best walking shoes for babies?

According to many parents and their experience, these following shoes are the best walking shoes for babies.
Baby Deer High Top Leather
Adidas Kids’ Grand Court Tennis Shoe
Adidas Unisex-Kid’s Cloud Foam Racer TR
Save Beautiful Baby Girls Boys Canvas Sneakers

  1. Are walking shoes good for babies?

Yes, walking shoes are good for babies as the best walking shoes are made up of soft and breathable material that helps a baby to walk easily.

  1. What shoes should I buy for my baby?

We have listed down 10 best baby walking shoes. These reviews are based on parents’ experience and the ease of babies they felt after using these shoes. However in general the shoes should be easy, breathable, lightweight, and non-slippery.

  1. When should my baby start putting on shoes?

The best recommended time to start a baby putting on his shoes is right after he starts standing on his feet. It makes the baby habitual of wearing shoes and he learns to walk easily whether he walks himself or uses a baby walker. Putting on shoes also protects babies’ feet from getting injured from unwanted trash, broken glass, or any sharp things that might be present on the floor.

  1. Do babies need pre-walker shoes?

If you think from a walking point of view then wearing the pre-walker shoes is not necessary as kids develop their natural traction with the floor that helps them take their steps. But wearing the shoes may protect their feet from getting hurt or injured from unwanted material, which might be present in walking areas.


Buying the best baby shoes can get hectic for you if you don’t know the basics of choosing it. Always see your baby’s choice first. There are many babies who don’t like wearing shoes so it is your responsibility to choose the one that brings the best comfort and level of independence in their walk. If your kid does not walk at his own try using baby walkers for them.

A baby walker not only supports the legs while they learn to walk, but it also brings confidence in them. In case you missed our blog post about the best baby walker, give it a try here. We have also covered how to choose a baby walker so make sure to read it too before you buy one.

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