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The happiest moment is to see your child growing and moving. When your baby starts giving you signs of growth and reaches early milestones, you get to know all the basic information and material to help your child grow healthy and happy.

Signs of movement, holding the head up the head high, and balancing the body in the early milestone a child hits before he is ready to cruise and needs a baby walker.

Time to let your baby start using a walker

After these early signs, it’s sure to have a baby walker for your child. But still, there are other metrics you must consider before seeing the readiness of your child for a walker. Because normal baby walkers are designed from the age of 4 months to 16 months, early symptoms are necessary to be watched first. Your child must be able to balance his head high and he must touch his feet on the floor. 

Benefits of using a baby walker  

Using a baby walker can be extremely beneficial if you know how to use a baby walker.

Baby walkers help a child to grow confidently and independently.

We have discussed some of the advantages a baby walker might give to a child.       

  • Engagement and entertainment

A child is a pack full of energy and he needs to be entertained. Most of the walkers are designed with some engaging toys that are optimized for intellectual learning too. A child is not only entertained in it but he also learns many skills including cognitive, motor, and fine motor skills. Moreover, a child remains busy for a while and you can easily wind up your house chores.

  • Develop an urge to walk 

As a child feels safe in a walker and does not have a fear of falling, he walks with support. It helps his brain to understand the process of balancing and walking. In this way, the child gets encouragement for walking and starts walking independently.

  • Promotes brain growth and skill development

 As children are naturally curious, they love to explore their environment. In baby walkers, they have the freedom to move in allocated areas. This way their brain stimulates them to wander, explore, and learn new things in their surroundings.

Moreover, many walkers have toys that are developed for a child’s learning and brain growth. They include hands-on activities, rattles, shape sorters, teethers and other engaging toys that encourage kids to play and learn. These activities promote high intellect in kids as they learn the cause and effect of the things while they play.

Disadvantages of using a baby walker

Using a baby walker can be risky if it is not used properly and it may cause certain disadvantages as discussed below.

Precautions of Using a baby walker

A baby walker used properly may give you and your child health benefits and happiness of enjoying the childhood moments at the same time. Take the following precautions in order to get maximum benefits out of the walker.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age should babies go in baby walkers?

Usually, babies are recommended to put in walkers during the age of 4 months to 10 months. However, it really depends upon the growth, balance, and activity level of a child and varies from child to child.

2. Are baby walkers good for babies?

Most parents think that baby walkers are good and beneficial for their babies but this is not true all the time. You need to find and draw a clear line between the beneficial and danger zone of the usage of the walker. A walker should only be used for a specific time for entertainment, learning, and amusement for a child. It must not be used 24/7 for a baby as it may cause harmful effects on the baby’s growth.

3. Are walkers safe for development?

Baby walkers are only safe in adult’s supervision for a specific time. See a complete blog post on how to use a baby walker for more information.

4. When can you sit a baby up?

A baby can be made to sit in a walker when he holds his head up independently and can put some weight on his legs.

5. Are walkers bad for babies’ hips?

If you put a baby in a walker for long hours, it can put some extra strain on the baby’s hips, making them tired and slowing down their process of independent walking. That’s why the right use of walkers is crucial.


Using a baby walker is really amazing and fun for both mothers and babies if you know how to use them properly. A baby walker must be chosen according to your requirement of house, space, floor type and kid’s choice.

Before you buy a baby walker make sure your child is capable of sitting in it. Normally the right age of using a baby walker is between 4 to 10 months. But it also depends upon every child differently. See the signs of readiness of a baby if he is ready to be put in the baby walker or not.

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