8 Best Baby Walker for Tall Babies

If you are looking for the best baby walker for tall babies in 2020, you have come to the right place. We have put together the top eight best baby walker for tall babies. Before you buy one, you will also learn:

  • Why you should have a walker for tall baby
  • How a walker for tall baby works
  • How do you know that your baby needs a tall baby walker
  • How to find the best walker for tall baby
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1.Combi Baby WalkerCheck Price
2.Disney Winnie (Music & Lights) WalkerCheck Price
3.Joovy Spoon WalkerCheck Price
4.Adjustable Height Baby WalkersCheck Price
5.Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play WalkerCheck Price
6.Safety 1st Dino Discovery WalkerCheck Price
7.Disney Ready Set Walk 2.0 WalkerCheck Price
8.Chicco Walky Talky Baby WalkerCheck Price

Why you should have a walker for a tall baby?

Tall babies have a faster growth rate as compared to other babies so the walker grows out very soon. You must choose a walker that has been designed for a tall baby to avoid this situation. It helps you to maintain your expenses within your budget and you don’t need to hassle every time your baby grows.

How a walker for tall baby works?

A walker for tall babies is no more different than other regular walkers. The only difference is the available positions for height adjustments in the walker. So when your baby grows, you increase the height of the walker by adjusting the position to the next height adjustment.

How do you know that your baby needs a tall baby walker?

When you put a baby in a walker they go through a mechanism. They push the floor behind them and cruise themselves to move forward. If your baby does not push himself it means his legs are bending due to increased height.

So simply adjust the height of the walker so that the tips of the toes touch the floor. if you have a hardwood floor, it is difficult for the kid to glide the walker smoothly so you must have to buy a walker for hardwood floors.

How to find the best baby walker for tall babies?

We have put together a list of the best baby walker for tall babies. Moreover, if you go to buy a baby walker make sure to see the height adjustment options in a walker. Every baby walker has a recommended height for the babies. See that mentioned height before you buy one

1. Combi Baby Walker | Top Choice | Best Walker for Baby


  • 3 in 1 activity center
  • Car theme toy tray
  • Interactive toys including steering wheel, fans, music, sounds
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Removable toy tray
  • Removable and machine washable padded seat

The ultimate desire and fun are the sources of fast learning and this baby walker is meant for all of it. It is a specially designed walker that fits great for tall babies as it provides three height adjustments to set the position according to the baby’s height.

Moreover, it acts as a jumper and bouncer because it has a built-in lock and you just need to lock it in order to entertain your baby in a jumper. For learning and interactive play, it has a car hooded play tray that features a steering wheel, two toy fans, lights, sounds, and music.

The toy tray easily snaps and can be removed at the time of snack or lunch and it provides ample space for the kids. All of these activities help to build strong cognitive skills in the kids.

The car theme is so amazing that kids play to drive the car and this way they learn to move steering wheel hence building their motor skills. The sounds and music are the big sources to help in building auditory skills.

You can take it as a complete activity center where your child does not feel boredom. A list of all the stylistic features has been given below to describe the in-depth features of this baby walker

Expert’s Opinion

The best walker for all those people who are looking for a walker for tall babies. It offers three height position adjustments so you can easily adjust it according to your baby’s height.

The lockable feature turns the walker into a jumper so it gives a little more entertainment to the baby in a different way. Although it requires 2 AA batteries it can still be used without the batteries.

2. Disney Winnie (Music & Lights) Walker | Best for Active baby


  •  Four engaging and entertaining toys with music module
  • 12 fun songs for kids’ amusement
  • 2 toy trays that swing open to provide plain surface
  • Machine-washable padded seat
  • Three-position height adjustments

It is a complete and versatile baby walker for all the kids who love the Winnie in every story. It is a perfect combination of comfort, entertainment, and interactive learning activities.

Kids love to be in it and they are not only engaged but they also develop strong cognitive and early developmental stages skills.

The activity tray offers four featured Winnie the pooh toys for fun and entertainment. This tray swivels out to provide ample empty space for a meal or drinks.

The toy tray is also featured with a music module including fun songs to keep your child entertained while you are busy with house chores

Expert’s Opinion

Innovative walker that keeps the baby entertained. The toys provide engagement that helps to learn gross and fine motor skills. Two activity trays swing out to provide a large surface for feeding and other activities.

The walker offers three height position adjustments that make it a perfect choice for tall babies. The wide frame is designed with sturdy wheels, suitable for all kinds of floors and the brake pads help a smooth glide on the uneven surface.

3. Joovy Spoon Walker | Best Joovy Spoon Baby Walker


  • Supersized removable tray, dishwasher safe
  • Collapsible and foldable
  • Three height position adjustments
  • Extra-wide base with large sturdy wheels and non-slip stair pads
  • Supportive and comfortable seat pad, easily machine washable

Joovy spoon walker is one of the all-time favorites of all the parents and the kids. It comes with its ultra modern-looking simple and elegant design. It is basically a high chair combined with a walker to provide the best seating and walking device for the kids.

It is featured with a super-sized tray that provides a good surface for kids’ feeding time or other activities. The seat pad is supportive with an extra high back, and it is machine washable too. The walker is designed with a wide base provided with extra large sturdy wheels and stair brake pads.

The white and charcoal color is soothing and pleasing that it does not over stimulate the child

Expert’s Opinion

It is tested and tried by many parents and has become an all-time favorite. It fulfills two baby needs at the same time with extreme simplicity and yet pleasing and cheerful design.

The height position of the walker is adjusted just by rotating a rectangular button at 90 degrees and you can set the height according to baby’s height.

Extra-large wheels make it suitable for any kind of floor. It doesn’t have any kind of toys so you can easily keep your kid distraction-free.

A perfect balance of high chair and walker that provides a perfect combination of eating, playing and walking at the same time.

The bright white color and gloss finish provides a premium style with ease of cleanliness and spacious area for kids’ activities.

4. Adjustable Height Baby Walkers | Walkers for Tall People


  • Rounded design with multi-directional big sturdy wheels
  • Noiseless and peaceful
  • Wide activity tray for spacious activities
  • Padded, comfortable seat with adjustable height backrest
  • Five height
  •  adjustments for walker and four height adjustments for the backrest
  • Eco-friendly material with high-temperature resistance
  • Collapsible and foldable

This baby walker is unique because of its circular design and sturdy eight wheels. The wheels are oversized and can swivel at 360 degrees to provide a bump-free smooth glide.

The design offers four height adjustments for seat and five adjustments for a walker so it really grows with your baby, the best choice for tall babies. 

The material used in this design is PP plastic, BPA free offering 120-degree temperature resistance. Highly recommended for the babies with weight up to 45 pounds because its legs are made up of stainless steel that makes the whole structure strong and robust.

Expert’s Opinion

This walker is best known for its rounded shape that makes a bump-free smooth ride for kids. It is easy to turn the walker at narrow and small places as it has 8 universal big wheels that are multidirectional.

The walker is suitable for tall babies aging from six to eighteen months. Its height adjustments are so versatile that this walker really grows with the babies. It is two in one baby walker that serves as a high chair and walker at the same time. It offers a perfect combination of fun, learning, feeding, and comfort.

5. Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker | Baby Boy Walker


  • Three ways to play in different modes
  • Engaging car toy tray
  • Ford car featured toys including steering wheel, gear shifter, sounds, lights and music
  • Available in pink, white and red colors
  • Three different height positions grow with the baby

This baby walker comes with three modes of play at the same time. It can be converted into a normal baby walker, a push-behind mode, and a plain baby walker without the toy car tray.

The toy car tray is featured with a steering wheel, lights and sounds to encourage interactive learning in the kids. This baby walker can be used for two kids at the same time as one can use a regular walker and the second kid can use the push-behind mode.

To convert the car hood into a push-behind mode, simply lift the push bar and the truck can be used in push-behind mode. The baby walker is provided with a padded seat with high backrest.

The seat is comfortable and can be easily removed to wash it properly in the washing machine. You can also remove the steering wheel play station for floor play.

Expert’s Opinion

This baby walker helps you manage and entertain two kids at the same time. Your taller toddler can use push-behind mode while you can put your little one in a normal walker.

If your child does not want to sit in a walker, you can easily remove the steering wheel play station for floor play. The frame has an adjustment button that can provide three height adjustments to grow with your kid.

You can use this walker for feeding times as the walker is extremely comfortable due to its washable padded seat and high backrest. The design of the walker is easily collapsible and folds to provide you portability and transportation during travel.

It is designed with strong sturdy wheels and safety brake pads to provide enhanced safety to little toes. The sound system needs batteries to be fully functional.

6. Safety 1st Dino Discovery Walker| Child Walker with Wheel


  • Engaging and entertaining toys
  • The interactive learning includes fun dino  toys, sounds, and music
  • Comfortable, machine washable padded seat
  • The toy trays swivel out to provide a large snack/meal tray
  • Three height position adjustments

This baby walker features a dinosaur park theme toy tray that brings 5 dino toys with playful sounds, music and engaging features to build fine motor skills in the kids.

These toys are designed to help build early developmental skills in babies while they have a fun time in the walker.

The toy tray is composed of two trays that swing out to provide a large snack or play area for the kids. Kids can easily sit in because of its padded seat that can be machine washed if a mess happens during mealtime the walker grows easily with it and you can easily put tall babies in it as it provides three height positions adjustments.

There is no problem with the design if you want to fold it for storage or transportability.

Expert’s Opinion

This baby walker does not only help to walk but it also entertains your kids while they move around the house. You can easily do your house chores uninterrupted as your kid has a lot to do while moving.

The toy tray is featured with such interactive activities like spin, crinkle, rattle, light up that help to build the sense of the kid to explore more and more.

The cleanliness of the walker is very easy and the padded seat can be machine washed if kids get messy during mealtime.

The sturdy wheel and the strip grips provide smooth glide even on uneven surfaces. You can have a compact design for portability and storage because of its collapsible and foldable features. Highly recommended for wonderful and joyful parenting experience.

7. Disney Ready Set Walk 2.0 Walker | Extra Tall Walker


  • Minnie mouse featured toys with 12 fun songs
  • Plain tray along with toy tray for the meal and other activities
  • Three height position adjustments
  • Extra-wide base with sturdy wheels and grip strips
  • Padded, machine washable seat

This baby walker is featured as Minnie flower power to add an extra charm in your toddler’s life. The toy tray has a Minnie mouse toy, a flashlight, a spinning ball, a music module button that plays 12 fun songs.

The bottom frame is supported with sturdy wheels and brake pads that help to provide extra security in a bump-free glide. The toy tray also has a snack/meal tray to provide ample area for spacious activities and food.

The padded, machine-washable seat is so comfortable that your child does not get tired in it. The frame is designed with three height positions to grow with the baby. If you want to fold the walker you can simply nest it for a compact design to store or transport

Expert’s Opinion

Interactive and engaging walker that provides all the facilities for growing babies. Kids love to play with the featured toys and these toys and fun songs help to build all early age developmental skills.

Ample space is available for spacious activities along with the toy tray. The machine-washable, padded seat is so comfortable that children love to stay in it for long hours.

You can easily fold the walker in a nested compactable shape for easy storage and transportation. Although the walker is designed for baby girls there is no harm if you use it for baby boys.

8. Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker| Best Infant Walker


  • Multi-lingual play tray can be removed for floor play.
  • Three height position adjustments
  • Machine washable, padded seat
  • Sturdy wheels with brake pads

Chicco walky-talky baby walker is a multi-sensory and multilingual activity walker. It features activity toys and six languages that play different songs, alphabets, numbers and phrases in Englis, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese.

The toys are colorful characters that children touch and build their gross motor skills. The toy tray is portable and can easily be removed for floor play.

It offers three height position adjustments and it folds flat in a compact shape that can be stored and transported without any hassle.the removable seat is fully padded for comfort and can easily be washed if it gets messy with children.

Expert’s Opinion

This is the best walker for multiple interactive skills. The activities offered, help to build strong early age developmental skills including gross motor skills, fine motor skills along with auditory skills.

If your child gets bored in the walker, you can easily remove the toy tray for floor play activities. The six languages can help your child to learn different languages at an early age.

Children can eat in the walker without any problem as the seat is padded and machine washable so no worries if it gets messy. You need to have additional batteries to make the sound system fully functional.

Final Conclusion

We have reviewed the best baby walker for tall babies that are on our top priority. It is a lovely feeling that your bundle of joy starts walking. Along with other baby essentials, a walker is important to have an assisted walking before they get fully independent.

Before you choose a walker you must make sure to know how to choose a walker. You should also see the best baby walker of 2020 to keep yourself fully updated about the products available in the market and high in demand. Once you buy a walker make sure to know how to use a walker to get the maximum benefits out of it.

Children love to play and learn while they are in the walker but always set a time to make them habitual of using walkers.

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